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How do I stay on track with all these holiday parties?

Updated: May 16, 2023

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holiday party

Like many of you, I have two holiday parties to go to this week. The holidays are a very social time time of year. I do enjoy catching up with friends. However.....if you are trying to lose weight or stick to a plan, this can be one of the most difficult times of year. I know when I go out this week there will be more food than most of us have in a week, let alone in 3-4 hours. And let's be honest, Most people are not serving tofu and green veggies. Then there is the alcohol. Beer, wine, and all sorts of delicious cocktails loaded with sugar. Hey, I like them too. So how do you relax and have fun without crushing any success you have had this year with your fitness goals?

1. Don't EVER go to a party hungry - You can starve yourself during the day, but then you go to the party and eat everything but the table. Bad idea. Eat less that day, but don't starve yourself. Have a sensible breakfast, light lunch and drink plenty of water. The water will fill you up a bit and it also helps later after a few drinks-:)

2. Don't stand near the food - It's too easy to talk and grab a handful of nuts and then another, and another and a cookie and an hors d'oeuvre...step AWAY from the table! If you want something to eat, try to avoid sugar and stick to some protein or veggies. Watch those veggie dips, easy! Have a drink but limit it to a glass of wine or beer. Try to avoid mixed drinks, they are notorious for a lot of added calories.

3. Bring something healthy to the party, that way you know there is at least one thing you can eat that doesn't a pound of cheese or chocolate in it. Make it something you like. It doesn't have to be tasteless and boring, stick to a vegetarian choice or a lean protein or fruit.

4. limit yourself to one or two drinks. The more you drink, the more you tend to eat. besides, if you drink too much you'll have a hangover the next day and you won't feel like training. Then you have eaten too much AND you are missing a workout. Not to judge, just saying....

5. Stick to your routine - I'll admit, it can be difficult to get as many workouts in over the holidays. And that is okay. Just don't cut them out all together. There may be days when you don't have as much time for a workout, so just do a mini one. maybe a quick interval session for cardio and a quick HIT circuit for weights. If you have to choose between cardio and weights, choose weights.

Just remember how hard you have worked during the year to get in shape. And if you are just getting started, don't put yourself behind the eight ball and gain weight that you just have to lose after the holidays. Have a happy and Safe holiday!


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