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More about Fit To The Core

Personal Training for the 50+ Crowd

Over 50 and fabulous!

Fitness after 50 is a lifestyle. It’s not about super restrictive diets or the latest exercise craze. It’s about consistent training, common sense food choices and integrating fun activities into your daily life. Yes, it takes some work. But I am here to guide and encourage you, in the most convenient way possible - in your own home.

Maybe you have raised kids and are now an empty nester.  Life and career have become busy - leaving you little time to take care of yourself.  Let me come to you and let’s do this in your home.  No need to travel to a gym, I take everything to you.


I’m 62, I get it. I get to know you, I care about you-your success is important to me. You CAN regain the energy you once had and lose the extra pounds and feel great again!

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When you can't change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails.
- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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My Training Style

I want you to feel great again. My goal is not just to help you look better and be stronger but to regain your confidence and change how you live. Eat more whole foods, go for a walk instead of watching tv,
let exercise become part of your routine, not just something you do when you want to lose 5lbs. We’ll
work together to develop an in-home personal training plan you can maintain, with exercise you enjoy. Training is work, but it should be fun, too.

fitness after 50 with personal training

Holistic Approach

My approach encompasses strength training, circuit training, flexibility, cardiovascular, and nutrition to get the best results so you can lose weight and get stronger.  Fitness after 50 and for Seniors is possible with the right program.


No fad diets, just consistent, proven personal training methods along with nutrition guidelines you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle.

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Have questions?  Want to learn more?

Please feel free to send an email message.

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