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Where do I start??

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

It's the New Year. Gyms are full, fitness resolutions are made, fitness resolutions are broken...usually right about this time of year. When I go to the gym in January I notice a whole lot of "newbies" doing a whole lot of crazy s---! I get it, you want to lose those 10, 20, 30 pounds or more and you want to lose them tomorrow. That is where the problem starts.

Fitness is a process. It doesn't happen overnight and it's not linear. You are going to have days when you just don't feel like moving, let alone exercising. You can't go out from day one and do 50 squats with 20lb dumbbells, do plyometric jumps, 50 push ups, heavy kettle bell swings, interval sprints on the treadmill. It's great that people are enthused and want to get started but start at the right level for you. Before you do those squats with weight, try body weight them correctly first for a period of time and then start adding some weight. If you need an education on form, hire a trainer, buy a book but don't go into it blind. The next day you are going to feel like a train hit you and for most people, that is going to eventually end in an injury. Being sore does not necessarily mean you got a good workout!

Convinced yet to hire a professional? There are lots of options. One on one training, online training, group training-all are available at price points to match what you can afford. A trainer will customize a program for you and make sure the training is safe, you are doing the movements correctly and that the movement is one that will help you to meet the goals you have. If you have knee injuries , hip or back injuries there are certain exercises you should stay away from. There are also certain exercises that will help strengthen any weaknesses you have as well.

A fitness professional will do a complete assessment to determine where your weaknesses are, what goals you have, medical history to consider and what level of fitness you are currently at. A sound program should include a cardio, weight training, flexibility and nutrition guidance. Consistency and continually being challenged will get you where you want to go. Just get it done at a reasonable pace and you are more likely to stay with it and have success. A trainer will hold you accountable and make sure you do the program. If you pay for it, you are less likely to fall off the cliff!

Need help getting started? I have several options including one on one in home training, partner training and online training. Contact me at:

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