Online & In Home Personal Training Programs


(12) 60 minute

one-on-one in home

training sessions


24 – 60 minute

one-on-one in home

training session


(12) 60 minute

partner in home

training sessions


24 – 60 minute

partner in home

training sessions


3 month

online training


A combination of in home and online training.  

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Personal Training FAQs

How many times a week should you see your personal trainer?

I recommend two to three times per week. To really see results, three times is recommended. Now, having said that, be honest with yourself. If you can do two days a week with me and you will get a third day in on your own, great!

Do I need equipment?

I have quite a collection at this point-dumbbells, barbells, BOSU, TRX, bands, slam balls and kettlebells just to name a few. However, if you are planning to work out a day on your own every week, I recommend getting some basic equipment and will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Do you offer nutritional advice?

I am not a Registered Dietician, but I will give you general advice in terms of portion control, eating whole foods and what to avoid. What you put in your mouth has a significant effect on your training outcome.

Do you include flexibility/mobility training?

All of my workouts include a mobility component. Because I focus on working with Men and Women fifty plus, mobility is an important part of my programs.

Have you worked with clients who have injuries or joint replacements?

Yes, because I have been training for over 15 years, I have seen knee, shoulder and hip replacements many, many times. I am confident developing programs to develop mobility and strength in the joints after a client has completed their work with a Physical Therapist.

What kind of training do you offer?

I have in person 1:1 in home training, Partner training in home, virtual training via Zoom, and online training where a custom program is delivered to your phone with videos and instructions.

Why should I hire a personal trainer when there are You Tube Videos and free programs online?

You Tube videos and free programs are "cookie cutter". They are not custom designed for you and your specific goals, injuries and time available to train. I take all that into consideration in addition to what equipment you may or may not have. It is easy to get injured if you are not doing the correct exercises for a hip replacement, knee injury or bad back. I take the guess work out of it and show you exactly what to do each week, safely.