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Boosting Your Health: How Seniors Can Improve Their Quality of Life

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

By Jason Lewis,

Many seniors struggle with maintaining their quality of life, especially post-retirement; it seems that many people over the age of 60 have more trouble staying healthy and being able to age in place, meaning they can stay in their own homes as they grow older. If it’s important to you to be able to live at home after retirement, start thinking about how you’ll make sure your mental and physical health is in great shape. This might include daily exercise, staying social, or making some changes to your home that will prevent falls and other injuries. In extreme cases, you might consider downsizing and moving to a smaller home where there is a much smaller safety risk.

Of course, the benefits of making these changes are plenty. For instance, you can learn to reduce stress and loneliness, meet new people, maintain a healthy weight, and feel better on a daily basis. You may even be able to improve the quality of your sleep, which can help energize you during the day. Taking control of your health can take some time, but once you make the decision to improve your quality of life, you’ll start to feel better almost immediately.

Read on for some great tips on how to get started.

Take a Supplement

There are many supplements on the market these days that will help us feel better, but a few are aimed specifically at those individuals who are living with joint pain or muscle weakness. Introducing collagen supplements into your daily routine is a great way to help boost your bone, muscle, and joint health, and it also can help keep your skin nice and healthy as well. However, do some research to find out which type of supplement is best for your needs.

Stay Active

Staying active can help you feel more energized and can help prevent accidents and injuries; in fact, seniors who exercise regularly are 25 percent less likely to spend time injured or disabled than those who don’t. Look for activities that fit in well with your current needs; for instance, if you have mobility issues, consider trying out a water yoga class, or use a chair to help you perform balance exercises that can help you prevent falls.

Stay Social

Staying social has many benefits for seniors; from eliminating loneliness and the symptoms of depression to boosting mood and mental health, spending time with people you enjoy can help you feel good and make new connections, which can, in turn, help your body and mind stay active and vital. Make it a point to join a club, download a video-calling app on your tablet or smartphone so you can stay in touch with loved ones, or meet a friend for coffee every week. By keeping an active social life, you’ll also be helping your mental health.

Make Changes to Your Home

Many seniors find that it’s important to make some changes around their home to ensure that safety remains a priority. In some cases, you may qualify for financial aid from your state to complete home modifications; look online for specific details. Common changes include adding a grab bar and/or walk-in shower in the bathroom, widening doorways, or adding a ramp over outdoor steps to make using mobility equipment easier.

Finding ways to boost your mental and physical health is crucial at a certain age, and doing so will improve your quality of life greatly. Think about your current needs, but also consider what they’ll be in the future. With a good plan, you can start feeling better right away.

Jason Lewis is a Personal Trainer and owner of, a fitness company that works exclusively with seniors.


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