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Look Sexy in Sleeveless With My Get Active Again Program To Enjoy The Second Half of Your Life

Attention: Women 50+

From a leading trainer who has transformed the lives of hundreds of 50+ women, discover how to feel strong and sexy as you say goodbye to arm jiggle forever and look great in your sleeveless dresses again.

Are you tired of putting on that little black dress and seeing the “jiggle” under your arms?  

It’s not sexy.

And neither is the weight you gained during the time of COVID. It turned out your desk was set up way too close to the fridge.

So now you are up a size in all your clothes and “graduated” to the elastic band waist in pants.

Shorts are not an option and losing all the weight AGAIN  seems overwhelming and unattainable. 

It’s not that you haven’t tried in the past. Lord knows, you’ve tried. But the pounds always seem to creep back on..

Warehouse gyms and pump and tone group classes are not really your thing. You’re too busy with work and family and prefer to exercise at home.

But wouldn't it be great if you could have your old body back and look great in a sleeveless dress again?

Maybe you have a wedding coming up...but that dress you have your eyes on would only reveal how flabby your arms have gotten

I’m Jeannine Jubeck and I’m  here to say:

Yes, You Can Have Sculpted Arms Again And I’ll Show You How

I’m Jeannine Jubeck  can help, I’m a lot like you: a busy career woman who isn’t anything like those annoying Instagram fitness models.

I’ve helped hundreds of women transform their lives. Maybe you think the days of sculpted arms are lost and gone forever and one you’ll never get  back.

Maybe you think you can never look great on the beach again or FOREVER lose that stubborn weight you’ve been losing and regaining for years.

You might think that, but you’d be wrong. But don’t just take my word for it.
Just ask  my client
Leslie Wehr, who writes:


“Within 3 months of starting to work with Jeannine, I had lost 30lbs, significantly reduced my body fat, was eating better and had increased my core strength. 

I couldn’t be happier!”

Leslie did it and so can you with my Get Active Again Program. It’s an online program you do wherever you are  because it’s delivered online. There are three components, each handcrafted d custom-made just for you


Part 1 : The No Gym Workout You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere

The beauty of online training is that it can be done on your schedule, not mine. You’ll lose weight and keep it off forever as you supercharge your energy.

You are a busy professional. You may  travel and work 12 hour days. You may be in a different hotel every night, or you may work at home.

So you just don’t have time to get to a gym, where a 20-something trainer may be too busy admiring his biceps in the mirror to REALLY listen to you. And have you ever seen anyone who looks better after doing the elliptical for a month?


But I know exactly what works for women our age and how to choose the right exercises and show you how to do them the right way.  

I sen the programs to your smartphone. You do the work when it fits in your schedule, with the  equipment you have available at home, at a hotel gym, or in your hotel room. 

Programming is sent through an easy to use app with videos, instructions and a calendar that shows you what to do each day. 

And the communication never stops. We’re in constant contact via direct messaging, weekly check-ins, bi-weekly Zoom calls, and monthly assessments. I’ll tweak things as we go to keep you on track.

It all adds up to a ton of accountability that guarantees results if you put in the work. I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.


Part 2 : Common Sense Nutrition Coaching

All things in moderation is the only approach that really works long-term.

I always save room for a chocolate dessert at restaurants!

Yes, it’s possible...even at our age, when you can’t expect to burn things off as easily as you once did. You have to adapt as your body changes from menopause and aging.

Maybe you find yourself overweight for the first time in your life. Maybe you’ve tried different diets in the past that work...but for a while. The pounds soon creep back on and you’re back where you started...or worse.

I believe success depends on a whole lifestyle change, based on habits and sustainability. It’s a process that happens step and a time, with me as your guide by the side.

Which leads us to…


Part 3 : Habit-Based Coaching

Each week there is a new goal or habit to stack on top of the previous ones you;ve mastered.
You’ll make real changes in your diet and fitness that work because they are sustainable.

The result? Better fitness. More energy. And a more active lifestyle.

Imagine being able to do that volcano hike in Hawaii, or walk up cobblestoned hills in small towns in Tuscany, Italy.

Imagine NOT getting tired after an afternoon of gardening or golf.

Imagine having the energy to fight off the younger guys for that Senior VP position at work.

Imagine having the energy to crawl around on the floor with your grandchildren.

Your Next Steps

“I am so grateful to continue to have contact with Jeannine and get great workouts.  If you are looking for a personal trainer, I would stop your search and hire Jeannine Jubeck”

You can still have the occasional slices of pizza, take two days off a week for recovery from your workouts. and keep your toned abs and lean arms.

And you can do it in your own home without the meatheads in the gym giving you sideways glances as you try to figure out how to use the hip thruster machine in the corner of the gym.


So are you ready to invest the time and effort to get “sexy in sleeveless” again?  If you are ready to make some changes I can help you get your body back so you can enjoy the second half of your life.  

Let’s hop on a call to see if we have a match.

Everyone is different and has different needs. You need a custom program, not something slapped together for a cookie cutter workout.

And there’s no need to go to a sweaty gym full of 20-something guys getting pumped to “impress” women young enough to be your daughter.

Just ask Cindy


“So, I took the leap of faith, did a Google search and found Jeannine.  It is one of the best divisions I have ever made for myself."

“In the past 6 months, I have achieved things I never thought I could have and I am injury free! "

“Jeannine has always listened to my concerns and modified my workouts to adjust to my needs.”

“She is pleasant, professional and reliable.  Recently our sessions have been virtual and it has been awesome.”

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