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Wanna Train from home?#train at home

Updated: May 16, 2023

If you're a busy person, training at home can be more convenient. Hire a trainer and have them come to you. Save the travel time and expense of a gym. Train, down your recovery shake, hop in the shower and get back to work- whether that means commuting or walking to your home office. Mobile trainers have equipment, however, you will want to train on your own at times as well. Obviously you can spend thousands on equipment, but it's really not necessary. So here is where I would start building your home gym.

Kettlebells-there are so many movements that can be done with a kettlebell. Probably best known for building overall strength, core strength, balance, flexibility and coordination, this piece can really burn some fat.

TRX-The Trx is great for all levels of fitness. By using one's own bodyweight this suspension training system can be made easier or more difficult just by changing the angle when pulling one's bodyweight. Great for those who travel frequently as it can be used virtually anywhere.

Bosu Trainer-This piece is great for balance training as well as rehab, strength training and coordination.

Stability Ball-A stability ball is a great substitution for a bench. By using the ball to do a chest press, or various other exercises, you challenge your core and balance. In fact, I recommend all my clients have a stability ball rather than a weight bench. They are much less expensive and have more benefits.

Dumbbells-or free weights are great for building strength, burning fat and strengthening bones. There are hundreds of exercises that can be done with them and they don't break!

Battle Ropes-A fun addition to your training equipment, ropes are great for cardio fitness, strength and core work. There are hundreds of creative ways to use them, so they never get boring and really get your heart pumping!

AirDyne Bike-An Airdyne bike makes you use your entire body-arms, legs and core. That means you will get a better workout than a spin bike where you are just using your legs. This bike burns more calories than a spin bike and it is a more durable piece of equipment at a lower cost than most spin bikes.

These are all just suggestions. There are hundreds, if not thousands of pieces you can buy. What I wanted to do here was give you equipment that was highly effective, easy to use and reasonably priced. If you, or anyone you know would like to train at home or online, contact me at :




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