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Covid19 and Fitness

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It's hard. It's just hard to stay motivated to train when we're all locked up at home. I get it. Many of you are used to going to a gym, or like my clients, you may have someone come to you for training. So how we stay motivated when it is just as easy to sit on the couch and turn on NETFLIX? Routine. Ya, gotta have a routine.

Schedule it. If you want to train three days a week, whether that is body weight exercise, cardio or yoga, include the time in your calendar. You schedule meetings right? So schedule a meeting for yourself. 30 minutes a day, an hour....whatever you feel you can get done. If you just say, "I'll get around to it" you will be much less likely to do it. If you know you still won't do it, hire a trainer.

Set goals Maybe you want to lose 5 lbs. Maybe you want to gain 5lbs....or maybe you just want to be able to walk a mile. Think about what you need to do to get there on a weekly basis and schedule it in.

Sleep It is soooo tempting to sleep in or stay up late when you don't have to be in an office at 8am. But again, establishing a routine will keep you on track and make you much less likely to get lazy. Sleep is important to your emotional well being as well as your physical well being. Your body recovers and gets stronger when you rest.

Have dedicated space to train in It doesn't have to be a large area, just make it your area to de stress and have a sweat sesh. Play some music. Did you know music instantly ups the intensity of your workout? It does. You will work harder and you will likely enjoy it more!

Look the part Studies show that dressing to train increases your intensity. If you look good, you train harder. Get out of the pajamas and put on your workout clothes!

Most of all, start small and don't get hurt. This is not the time to do a "crossfit style" workout for the first time. Start slow and increase the intensity slightly week to week. Consistency is key. Most of all, have fun!

If you need help with a fitness program and don't know how to start, get in touch. We have always done online training and have now added virtual 1:1 and partner training as well.


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