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3 ways to train at home and get results!

With Covid ever present in our lives, more people are training at home than ever. Some are getting the results they want but others are struggling to stay consistent and train with what they have available at home. The key to any training program is accountability and consistency. There are a couple ways to get the results you desire. I am going to outline a few of them here. Each method has it's pros and cons depending on you and how you prefer to train.

In Home Personal Training - Training in your home is convenient and highly personalized. Before any program is written a full assessment should be completed including medical history, flexibility testing, and goal setting. A trainer comes to you with all the equipment you need for a safe, effective and fun workout. A professional should have a variety of equipment to keep things interesting. Kettle bells, TRX, Dumbbells, Medicine balls, Battle ropes, Bosu trainer, balance boards and more. Because the trainer comes to you, time spent traveling to and from a gym is eliminated as well as costly gym memberships and equipment purchases. Working in the privacy of your own home, there is no waiting for equipment or concerns about who is watching who. Having someone "show up" two or three times a week holds you accountable and makes you less likely to cancel. It's awfully nice on those cold winter days not to have to drive to a gym multiple times a week!


Virtual or Zoom Training - Virtual training is another convenient option. All you need is a laptop, ipad or smart phone and a few pieces of equipment and you can train virtually. The downside to this, is the trainer is not physically coming to your house, so you are limited by the equipment you have available. A designated time is set weekly and the trainer calls you to start the workout. You are one on one, through the lens of your laptop, ipad or smart phone. We can watch your form and coach you throughout the training. So you still get the accountability and personal attention required to stay motivated with fresh workouts and plenty of opportunity to ask questions and measure results.


Online Training - online training is the most cost effective method of training at home and can still be highly efficient If you are self motivated. I say "If" because this method is not for everyone. My online programs are always custom. I do not do "off the shelf" training programs for $99 etc. Although programs like that are available. I highly recommend working with someone who will have an initial consult with you on the phone, including a complete medical history so that your program is appropriate for your level of fitness, your goals and any injuries you may have. Having said that, online training delivers custom programming to your smart phone on a regular basis. Instructions are included along with videos of myself performing the exercise or another trainer. You have accountability through check-ins online as well as quick phone check ins if you prefer on a weekly basis. Questions can also be answered easily through the app and are responded to within hours.

There is Personal Training for everyone that is affordable and effective. Just choose what works best for you. Right now I am offering a free 2 week trial, no strings attached for all online training. Just message me below and I will get back to you within 24 hours to send you a setup link. As always, Keep Moving!!

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